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19th March day of the Swallows

Spring which is coming on March 20th, todays day is celebrated as the World Day of swallows, known messengers of spring. This is the day that is celebrated their return from the south, which heralds the beginning of spring.

Swallows are cosmopolitan group of birds and inhabit all continents except Antarctica. It is believed to originate from Africa, because most species living there. The family includes 75 species of swallows.

The characteristic of these birds is their suitability to hunt for food in flight. TSwallowhe shape of the tail they are very specific and Swallows are migratory. Usually flying at a speed of 30-40 km per hour, but can reach the speed of 50-65 km per hour. Swallows are small songbirds with black back bluish reflection, rusty throat and forehead, white belly and long forked tail. While flying, swallows may appear to be black, but are easy to recognize by the tail and skillful flight.

One of them is the Barn swallow (Hirundo rustica). This is one of the best known species of migratory birds. There are several subspecies of living and moving in different areas. European subspecies H. r. Rustica: couples in Europe and western Asia, and in winter migrates to Africa.

Barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) is one of such species and often it meet under our roofs. This type of swallows recognized by the long tail, a beautiful dark blue feathers on the back and red feathers in the front of the head and neck and a white belly. Males have longer tails which females especially like. Females choose “convenient” males, who are those with longer tails. Once you find a partner, swallows are generally monogamous, and together with his partner are feeding young. Couples after wintering in Africa return to the same nest, and especially if they are in it is already a year ago successfully nursed their offspring. A newborn birds are returned to the nest inlastavice2 the vicinity of where they were born and nurtured. Although swallows monogamous animals, females are often not the most faithful beings. in fact, tend to be small frauds on which their males do not have much idea . When male broods, the female is on the hunt for insects, sometimes get slightly off course. Males who do not have a partner steam with such females after the eggs are laid in their own nest, where dad eventually with their children feeding others as well.

People have added the swallows and various meanings and symbols. So swallows symbolize hope and fertility, the Romans believed that the great misfortune harm swallow. Sailors wore tattoos of swallows that gave them a special status and protect them on their trips.

In the spring they migrate fromlastavice1 Africa to the north in order to nested and raised their young. In Croatia, can the be seen from March to September. Young swallows are slightly smaller and have a shorter tail than adults.
Swallow nests are usually hidden under the roof, the girders in the building or under a bridge. Bowl-shaped and are made of mud and saliva is mixed with blades of grass. We can see them attached to the wall or to the bar and are always on the upper side open.
The old Slavs swallow was happy bird, even equated with Vesna, the goddess of spring and youth. Swallows have never hunted, even the family considered happiness when swallows silk nest under their roof.
Their body is slender and narrow wings. The beak is short, and larynx can widely open. The shape of the tail to them is very specific
and it received the name of miscellaneous items, including the swallowtail butterfly.
But the swallows have remained an integral part of meteorology t
hrough folk beliefs if swallows flying high and circling at height, then the rain will be followed by good weather. In contrast, when the swallows fly low and hardly touch the ground, is a sign that will be rain.
The abundance or survival swallow associated with work in agriculture. The use of insecticides is subtracted tasty morsel from the beak of these black, elegant and silent flyers that can be useful and a nice neighbor right next to the window pane.
Seafarer means swallow a safe trip home, protecting them on his journey, and has a special status. Swallows are known to travel far from shore at the time of migration and their habit of resting on ships that are near the mainland (but still not close enough to see the land) and sailors by swallows then know that land is near). it should be noted that when one looks at the sea in the horizon of his gaze reaches 12 miles swallows travel much longer in the time of migration. Swallows are also known as sparrows and hence the name of the famous pirate Jack Sparrows


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