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Adrenalin sports

Go cart, quads, kayaks, paintball or adventure park? If you love the adrenaline will certainly be interested in some of the foregoing. Many people like to raise their adrenaline to a higher level and the holiday is not just lying on the beach and swimming in the pool. Here we offer the nearest locations where you will not only raise your adrenaline to a higher level but to see Istria depending on what you choose.

Go cart and paintball


If you came to this page you must be already familiar with the go cart and paintball sports.gocard If you go toward the city of Pula, you can visit the city but also lose an hour or two at paintball or maybe 10-20 minutes to drive go cart . For both, we suggest that you go AFTER visiting Pula because it will raise adrenaline and you will be sweaty.

Quads and kayacs


In the neighboring village Manjadvorci just few minutes by car you can go on the Quad ride. quadkidQuad can be driven by children and accompanied by parents, and for adults we have larger and stronger quads and routes out of the village for a period of 40 minutes on all kinds of terrains.
Near our villa immediately in the neighboring village you can go on a trip kayaking. It is a 3 hour trip that begins at 9 am where it starts from a neighboring village Manjadvorci and goes into the bay Krnički porat where you are going on a tour of bays and beaches with a kayak. kayakSomewhere in the middle of the trip we stop in one of the bays Where is a break for swimming, sunbathing and you will be tasting Istrian specialties. Finally, around noon, we return to the village Manjadvorci and thus we end this trip. On the trip is also possible to go in the afternoon from 17 – 20. It is recommended to bring along the drinking water.


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