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Black and White Truffle

guinesRiver Mirna valley in Istria, especially Livade area, is the home of famous Istrian truffle.Fran0369 This small place in inner peninsula keeps attracting more and more people, particularly since Mr. Giancarlo Zigante found the biggest known truffle in the world, which weighted 1.310 kg and entered the Guinness book of records as the biggest example ever found. Guests from all over the world come and take this event because they all have one common characteristic: they are all fans of superior gastronomy which truffle can offer.

zigante1-4 hours excursion + lunch or dinner in Restaurant Zigante

DSC_1482_1Due to seasonal changes truffles throughout the year, we recommend that for each group you contact us in advance, that information is important, also let us know at least approximately how much is “budget” per guest, so our “team” can prepare dishes devised and compiled in consultation. We offer a variety of menus, according to the preference of the visitor, depending on the period of black and white truffles, and fresh food for the whole year.

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