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This is one of the most popular events that can be booked in advance because all the seats are always sold out. Event will be held in honor of a warrior Crisp, on our peninsula Vižula regularly every year. When Emperor Constantine declared Crisp heir to the throne of the Roman Empire after the end of one of the many battles that have resulted in victory. With a story of love, hate and revenge and dishes prepared according to old recipes makes this event really special because it takes you back to the Roman Empire and its 326 year. This event will be held 30.07. each year


The experience includes:

– Welcome drink

– Interactive walking performance

– Tour of the archaeological site Vižula

– A Roman tragedy in a unique location by the sea and sunset

– Music and dance journey

– Rich Roman feast on the site


Menu Roman dinner:

– Fried chicken with honey

– Savory fish with olive oil

– Polpettine meat with pine nuts and medicinal herbs

– Tuna salad with barley

– Dried figs marinated with wine and cinnamon

– Pancakes with honey

– Wine with honey and mint

– Elderberry juice



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