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Green and Blue Istria

header_istraGreen Istria – unlike the Blue Istria is characterized by a multitude of green forests, caves and stone town. Numerous cultural, historical and natural places and unforgettable views from various towns on the hills give a special feeling without the crowds and traffic of everyday life. There are also rights wealth of flavors, which are the result of intermingling of various traditional cuisine created from wild plants, a multitude of spices, seasonal vegetables, seafood and an olive oils. croatia_istra_859Offers most dishes are based on meat and pasta, of course with a variety of attachments that give really unique flavors. From food, we can separate the appetizer special in the bora-cured smoked ham and bacon, for main dishes veal, venison dumplings, sausages with sauerkraut, indispensable truffles and cheese, delicious minestrone vegetable, dessert fritters, famous Istrian soup red wine, olive oil, pepper, salt with white toasted bread, and cukerančići.

Funtana-Istra-Naturist-campingBlue Istria – unlike the Green Istria characterize it its special coastal area, active night life, the blue sea, beautiful beaches, and a variety of attractions. sl_040411142129From meals we recomend the soup or risotto polodovima Sea, Adriatic squid or cuttlefish, white fish or pilchards, shrimp exceptional size, buzara of shellfish, oysters, fried shrimp or extremely delicious salad of octopus or crab, fish soup or cod, are only some of exceptional choices that will Blue Istria provide. Numerous cultural, historical and natural sights are also present in this part of Istria.


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